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Terms & Conditions

Safety instructions

  • The presence and driving in our carting center is at your own risk.
  • Do not enter the track; the track is only for the carts.
  • Respect the safety and operating instructions of staff.
  • Driving of persons under the age of 15 is allowed only accompanied by and with the consent of the legal representative.
  • When driving you are obliged to use hygienic balaclava (can be purchased at the bar) and protective helmet, which must be fastened and the visor must be closed.
  • Driving in oversized clothes is restricted (big jackets, shirts, scarves, long hair)
  • No driving under suspected use of drugs, alcohol or other narcotics.
  • While driving it is prohibited to not hold the steering wheel and waving with arms or legs, left foot must always in the area of the brake pedal.
  • The entering of the pit or the track with glass is prohibited.
  • We recommend, in your own interest, to put aside deferral keys, cell phones and items which could fall out of the pockets.
  • No driving for persons with health problems such as hidden internal problems, infection, skin disease, heart disease and postoperative state
  • Brake always on time. Inconsiderate driving can cause an accident.

Operating instructions

  • We do not take responsibility for deferred personal belongings; valuables can be postponed by the service.
  • Getting on and off the cart is permitted only in the pit area under supervision off the staff.
  • The departures and arrivals from and to the pit are regulated by the staff using semaphore or flags.
  • Mind your speed, so that you don’t endanger yourself or others. By not keeping safe distance between karts you expose yourself to the responsibility of the possible consequences.
  • In case of a turn in the opposite direction, use the reverse - red button on the steering wheel to the left.
  • In the event of a collision or failure it is prohibited to get off the kart, as you could be endangered by other karts or even harmed.
  • Call the staff by lifting of the arm.
  • Orange beacons represent a danger on the track - the obligation to slow down and prohibition of overtaking is in place until beacons are off.
  • While driving a strictly prohibited to get in contact with another kart.
  • By not driving under these conditions or not following the instructions of the staff your may be excluded from driving without compensation.
  • We are not liable for damages and personal injuries to yourself or others if you ignore safety and operating instructions.
  • In the event of an accident or damage of the karts or other equipment we will charge you the compensation.

In case of damage to kart parts or other equipment, we charge compensation according to the valid price list of our exclusive supplier of spare parts "SODI ITAKA".

Opening hours:

  • Monday - Thursday 11.00 - 23.00
  •                     Friday - 11.00 - 01.00
  •                 Saturday - 10.00 - 01.00
  •                    Sunday - 10.00- 22.00
  •             ☎ - in case of interest of a group from 6 people, the time can be extended



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