With us you can get rid of excess adrenaline, to improve your RIDING SKILLS IN STEERING CONTROL IN RESPONSE TO REFLECTION skid, pleasant to have fun, give their best. SUITABLE FOR corporate events with an associated training and entertainment.


Our private parking place provides space for 115 cars and 4 buses.

In cooperation with C & C Tech, we have prepared a personalized riding license. On your first visit you have the opportunity to register before driving in our database, and registering and accepting the license you agree and acknowledge our operating and safety conditions. Including license 2, - EUR is your property and you get not only faster equipment when buying the ticket, but that a complete record of their driving history to be sent to your email.

This step is each registered automatically advantaged in our program and loyalty system, where each of driving horse is evaluated to get one point, and gained ten points on the license will be one-horse always the eleventh - free. After winning a minimum of five points from the last birthday, the birthday before the next day getting to feast your ride free. This can be removed two weeks before the holiday, or two weeks after the holiday birthday.

Also available is the option to purchase a gift voucher. It should come to operate, register the recipient, subscribe to his credit and assume gift voucher.

Reservations realize rental on an hourly basis, individual drive does not reserve.

Before your visit, or the reservation date, we see in the field "reservation" by the color legend pinned our availability.



Check our online Reservation calendar for your preferred date and time.
The legend:

Pending reservation
  Reservation - restaurant only

Pending reservation / prebooking

If you have chosen a date and time you can do a pending reservation at least 3 days before the event.
A pending reservation is automatically canceled 3 days before the event if not confirmed.

Reservation / confirmed reservation

To confirm a reservation you have to send a binding order with your invoicing/billing data and the payment conditions must be met to 7 days from the invoice issue. You can do a reservation without pending reservation at least 3 days before event.

Reservation - payment conditions

A reservation with a maximum duration of two hours has to be fully payed at least 3 days before the event.
You can pay by cash or by card in the POS of our carting center.
You can deposit or transfer the money directly to our bank account based on an invoice witch we will issue.  Payment on the invoice issued after booking to reimbursement of up to 7 days from its issuance.​

Reservation cancelation

If you request a reservation cancelation within 3 days before the event we will charge you 50% of the reservation amount.
If a cancelation is requested on the day of event we will charge you with 80% of the reservation amount.

Therefore, we recommend always placing only serious reservation without changes to the scheduled date and time.


Driving minors under 15. It is possible only when accompanied by and with the consent of the legal representative.

Children from a height of 135 cm up to 150 cm is the price of one driving 7, -EUR speed rides for children is 1-2 degrees by skill. At an extraordinary talent with the consent of the parents and also our Marshals can be increased gear. This price allows parents to their minor kids take a ride yourself.
After 19:00 the children's rides regulated.
Price 1 ride is 8, - EUR. After meeting the time limit you can purchase a quick ride to the maximum power for the price of 10 EUR.
The driving time is 10 minutes, in what measure the driving time after the first round of eight minutes each round. After the measured time and roll out round after slowing to a safe speed to box.
We offer the possibility of renting the whole hall - closed society, or a single conference room on an hourly basis. You can make a reservation via phone on our number or our email. When booking, we recommend participants to attend at least 10 to 15 minutes before your reservation in time to start the registration and second-hand. In case of delay is not granted any extension of reservation!
On loan halls karting provided according to the number of participants and the length of the lease the entire area of ​​your choice, ie bar with seating or conference room "behind glass", which is available for teambilding - training session for 80 persons, projector with large screens and WiFi capability to connect your own computer or USB memory stick for data transfer.
Of course there is also the possibility of using catering services from our partners and a wide range of bidding.
As elsewhere it is not allowed to bring and consume their own food and drinks.
 Rent space complete with go-karts and closed society, Kart 7 for 1 hour price 360, -EUR, 8 karts 400, -EUR ,
9 karts 450 EUR, 10 karts 500 EUR. 10 karts is maximu on the track. 
On Saturday, Sunday and  bank holiday rental karts for 1 hour 550, -EUR.
Only rent the conference room for training purposes without consuming one hour 70, -EUR, or parties of 6 persons, events, the price of one hour consumption of 100, -EUR.
The ride is included renting integral protective helmet head, neck and protection of rules protecting ribs.
When using our helmets is mandatory hygienic mask for the price of 2, -EUR that upon purchase of each property. You can use your own integral helmet. Before your first ride is mandatory training of our marshal.
Bar capacity is about 300, 100 seats, where we have special lighting of the bar with different programmable lighting effects we have installed a perfect "disco" music and a wireless microphone for professional-manager of corporate events with extra disco entertainment.
Have fun - MAX60

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